Newsletter FAQ

Why subscribe to the newsletter?

Subscribing to the site's newsletter, or giving consent to receive the newsletter, will allow you to always be updated on Poligrafico's new products, sales, events and more.


How can I receive the newsletter ?

In order to receive the newsletter, it is necessary to have an account and subscribe to the newsletter. During the creation of the account, before confirming the data, it will be possible to choose whether or not to subscribe to the newsletter. The choice made can be changed subsequently by accessing the reserved area of the account.


Can I receive the newsletter without creating an account?

No, the newsletter is only sent to customer with an account who have subscribed to the newsletter. The creation of an account is free, and you are not obliged to purchase.


How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

You can subscribe to the Newsletter (or re-subscribe, if you had inadvertently deleted), by accessing your account, in the menu on the left, the last entry Subscriptions to the newsletter.

Click, check the general subscription and click save.


I have received an email informing me that I have been unsubscribed from the newsletter. How can I sign up again?

To reactivate your subscription to the Newsletter:

1 - Log in to your account.
2 - In the menu on the left item, click on "Newsletter subscription".
3 - Check the "General subscription"
4 - Click on Save