FAQ - Shipping, Delivery and Pick-Up

Can I indicate a post office box, a Smart Locker or similar as the delivery address?

No we do not deliver to mailboxes, Smart Lockers or similar.


How do I know when my order is shipped?

You will receive an e-mail of shipment of the order when your package will be shipped.


After receiving the order shipped e-mail, after how many working days will I receive the package at the address indicated during the order?

It depends on the delivery address. In Italy generally within 2-6 days; abroad within 10 and 30 days. 


After receiving the order shipped e-mail, when can I go to the pick-up point indicated during the order?

You can go to the pick-up point from the day you receive the e-mail, from Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm.


I have an order to pick up. How many days do I have to collect it?

The order will be kept for 60 days. after this deadline, the order will be cancelled and you will reimboursed. If you have difficulty collecting it within this time, to postpone the collection you must send an email to info.shop@ipzs.it. You can find further information in this regard in the General Conditions of Sale of Numismatic products.


What are the "states" of an order?

Order state                                     Meaning

Confirmed                                        Order confirmed

Deleted                                             Order cancelled by customer

Failed                                                Order cancelled due to payment problem

Cancelled                                         Order cancelled due to product unavailability

Shipped                                            Order delivered to the courier

Shipped to Pick-up point             Order ready at Pick-up point

In preparation                                Order ready to be shipped

In stock at courier                          Order in stock at the courier

Processing                                        Order processing

Back to IPZS                                     Order returned to Poligrafico due to non-delivery

Under verification process         Order not processed correctly and awaiting verification

Delivered                                          Order delivered to customer

Refunded                                         Order refunded to customer

Pending Payment                          Order awaiting payment confirmation from the bank

Available at Pick up point           Order can be collected at the requested Pick-up point 

Picked-up at the Pick-up point   Order collected at Pick-up point

Picked up at the Pick-up point by a delegate      Order collected at Pick-up point by a delegate


How do I know the date when the order was "Shipped"?
It is the date on which you have received the shipped e-mail.


I bought one / some "BOOKABLE" coins. When will the order be shipped?
The order will be shipped after the coin (or all the coins in the order) have been issued. The coins’ issuing dates are indicated as Availability date.


What does it mean that it will be shipped "after"?
It means that it will be shipped within 90 days from the issue date of the coin (s) with the "availability date" more "ahead in time. For example: if an order includes two coins, one coin issued on June 5th and one issued on October 5th, the 90 days start from October 5th
More information on the "DELIVERY TIME" page.

I made a single order of BOOKABLE and AVAILABLE coins. When will the order be shipped?
Having made a single order of coins already issued and yet to be issued, you will receive the order in a single shipment following the issue of the last coin of the order. 


How much does the shipment cost?
All shipping rates are shown on the SHIPPING COSTS page.


I placed two or more orders; can I combine them to pay for a single shipment?

No, it is not possible to combine two or more orders into a single shipment, nor integrate an order with other products.


I'm placing a mixed order with numismatic products and books, but the system won't let me complete the order.

It is not possible to place orders with numismatic and books. For such purchases two different orders must be placed. (Books can only be shipped within Italy)


Where can I find general information on delivery times and methods?

All information on delivery times is indicated on the DELIVERY TIMES AND METHODS page.


How do I get the shipment tracking n.?

For the shipment of coins or art products worth up to 3000 euros to Italy, the tracking number is present in the e-mail you will receive when the order is shipped. For orders of a higher amount or to foreign countries, the tracking n. is not available.

For the shipment of books or official journals, the delivery tracking n. is not available